Cycle With Us


We're connected

To a vast network of eco villages, permaculture projects and transition movements. We're well immersed in the alternative scene.


We're transformative

We recognise the empowering nature of cycling and have teamed up with life coaches offering 1-2-1 sessions before and after the tours. Helping you take the lessons of the road into the rest of your life.


We're plant powered

Organic, natural and vegan. Locally sourced hugely nutritious food, putting plant power in your pedalling.


We're light on footprint, big on impact

We keep our carbon emissions as low as possible but for the flights we do end up taking we levy a flight tax. We use this tax to support grassroots environmental initiatives, ecosystem restoration and activism. 'Composting' our waste to help nourish communities and restore the earth.

Meet the Creators

Tom Shax

Tom came on the Milan to Barcelona tour in 2017 and liked it so much that he joined the team! His background is in social entrepreneurship, having headed up the Brixton Pound for four years. A well-travelled guy, he has lived and worked in Barcelona, Bonn, Brussels, Prague and Siena but has been settled in south London for almost a decade. He is a member of Brixton Cycles CC and no matter what the weather, he can be found every morning in Brockwell Lido.

Joe Reid

Joe has been pedalling around Europe since 2011 when he quit his job as a charity fundraiser to cycle to Cape Town on his own adventure into alternative living. He's now well experienced in starting up and running grassroots environmental initiatives. He's a lanky bean at 6'3 but those long limbs have powered him through ultra marathons, Iron Mans & cross continental bike rides.

Phil Moore

Phil's proudest cycling moments include riding the length of Italy, circling Cuba on a single speed and cycling to Paris in a day. In 2016 Phil hitchhiked the length and breadth of the UK visiting permaculture projects, organic farms, smallholdings and community projects. He now lives in Wales where he and his partner have purchased land and are working on leading an ecological life and creating a viable land-based businesses.

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